I have made the difficult decision to close this webpage as of Jan 2017 and instead have created a Facebook page titled the same. It is my hope that you will wish to follow me there. Thank you for your support, Namaste

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High On Spirit

When we learn to move with the rhythm of our soul, 

we then learn to dance with Spirit... 

Revelations of a Singing Bowl 

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Come join me on my journey and hopefully you will glean some insights, inspirations or just be amused as I walk with Spirit and grow in love and faith while I navigate my way through these times When we open up to our higher-self's guidance we find that the world we have known no longer suits our needs, for we have changed - that can be an unsettling experience. But to grow risks change and that, my friend, can be a wondrous thing...

You don't have a Soul...You ARE a Soul. You have a body. -C.S. Lewis


Why the dragonfly? Dragonfly symbolizes that particular sense of self that only comes with maturity. They let us know that we have within us the ability to overcome our self-created illusions that all too often limit our growth. They remind us that we are like the light and that we can reflect our light in powerful ways if we so choose. Living such a short life, dragonfly knows the value of living life to the fullest thereby reminding us to do the same!


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